10 March 2013

6 Of the Best: Hair Conditioner Stash

This is by no means my whole stash of hair products- I can proudly put my hand up and say I'm a product junkie, but when I counted and realised I had this much conditioner, I figured it couldn't hurt to tell you guys what I use 'em all for (because frankly, I needed to sort it out myself... o.o)

Tresemme Naturals: There are a few different kinds of this particular one - I go for the 'moisture' one for consistency's sake, but I don't really bother to differentiate. Of the six, Tresemme is one of my staples. I always have a bottle handy- and if I don't, it's top of the list for replacement.

  • Uses: A 'combing conditioner' and de-tangler: my hair just seems to melt apart with this, and I love it for my monthly combing sessions with my Denman D3 brush. 

Kiehls Superbly Smoothing Argan Oil Conditioner: This one is the most expensive, and comes in the smallest bottle. As such, I only use it in my hair spritz. It's one of my staples, and I make each bottle last as long as I can.
  • Uses: A de-tangler and moisturiser: I put in in my hair spritz and it keeps my curls juicy and soft as a moisturiser. I also like to make a slightly heavier use of it as a pre-wash detangling spray.

Twisted Sister: This one isn't my favourite. It's a so-so moisturiser, and a so-so detangler. It doesn't have much slip, and it doesn't really add anything to my hair. Plus, I think it smells weird. Not going to buy it again. 
  • Uses: I'm basically just trying to use it up. It goes into the deep conditioning mixture as a 'thickener'. 

Dark n Lovely Deep Conditioning Masque: Another staple- although I wouldn't normally buy a product that's got petrolatum in it. Still, there are no silicones in this bad boy- which is odd as it's what I consider a 'shelf brand'- i.e., you can find it on any shelf. I've even spotted it in the tiny black hair section at ASDA. 
  • Uses: Just what it says: Deep conditioner. I use it as a base, and then add my oils, glycerine, egg, banana, avocado, coconut milk and or whatever the heck else I want to it. It's nice and thick so it takes the lot quite well. 

Aunt Jackie's Conditioner
  • Uses: I screwed up here. This product has silicones. That's right- the 's' word. Probably going to be sold/palmed off on someone who uses a sulfate shampoo. I can't use it at all. 

TruZone Herbal Complex
  • Uses: This one looks great. For starters, it was like £3 for a full litre of the stuff. Yes. And for seconds, it's silicone free, smells nice (a bit soapy though) and feels like it might have some good slip. I picked it up to use as a rinsing conditioner. 

*Credit: Terms 'combing conditioner' and 'rinsing conditioner' are borrowed from Hair Like Me by Terry LaFlesh. My first, last and only hair book! 

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