06 March 2013

Charity Shopping Mega Haul: H&M, TopShop, J.Crew

Over the years, I've given a massive amount of clothes to charity: usually stuff I wasn't going to wear ever again, or things that didn't fit or were out of season. Because of that, I usually pass charity shops with a slightly raised eyebrow and a shrug thinking what could I possibly find in there?

So when I got the opportunity to go charity shopping as part of a project for my masters course, I was all "this is gonna be haaaaard" complete with whining inflection perfected by yours truly at the age of 3.

We hit like, 6 different places. I'm still reeling. I can't even believe it- but I was there so I have to admit it:

There was loads of good stuff- seriously, loads. 

I ended up burning through my alotted £25 budget, and got around 7 lovely, well made, stylish pieces.

Here's four of them:

I like cute T-shirts, and this is a cute T-shirt. The bows around the collar were icing on the cake.

One of my best finds: an all-in-one from
TopShop. There are loads of high street brands
like this, particularly in the shops in Hackney... This J.Crew blazer made my day. Not only is it Velvet (and therefore snazzy) but it's pretty much like new, and it just happened to be my size. Score.

We took some pics of ourselves showing off the loot, and these are mine:

A shot of me in the jumpsuit- I love it!
I didn't realise one of the trouser legs was doing that 'gangsta' thing
and rolling up more than the other though... 

I'd probably put one of my skirts with this in future- but I love this blazer sooo much.
The top is recent H&M as well- another good find.

It's official: charity shopping is now a 'thing' for me.

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