15 March 2013

D.I.Y: Studded Clutch!

I picked up this leather clutch when I was charity shopping, and it looked like the perfect 'project piece'. I had some bits and pieces at home that I knew I could use to jazz it up a bit. A little black bag is always  a good accessory, and this one cost me £1.75 at Oxfam Dalston, on Kingsland Rd.

Budget Beauty Quick Tips #1: With the help of some plastic studs, you can take anything from basic to blinged up!

What you'll need: 

My hot glue gun has two settings: hot and third degree burns. Ouch!

- Some plastic or metal studs (I happened to have these ones laying around waiting for a project)

- A hot glue gun, or other glue that bonds firmly *note: if you are going to use hot glue, pay attention to the type of material that you clutch/bag is made of: hot glue isn't always the firmest bonding agent! Also- watch your fingers, I burnt mine a little!

- A project piece: (n). any item that you can use for crafting- easily replaced, and if you mess it up, it's not going to upset you too much. In this case, it's a black leather clutch purchased for £1.75 at Oxfam in Hackney.

Get your studs out and ready and heat up your glue gun so you're ready to go:
I got these sparkly little crystal studs on eBay for around £0.50? Cheap and cheerful!

First, I laid out my studs in a pattern I liked on the clutch. I like to know exactly where I'm going to put them before I start messing around with my high temperature glue gun.
This wasn't my final pattern, but it gave me a good start!

Next, I started glueing. I glued down all the studs in the pattern you see above, and then I decided to lay out a few more studs and add and change the pattern a little.
I cleaned up any residual glue afterwards- make sure you do as well!

The final result was this:

Tre chic!

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