12 March 2013

I Cut My Hair (Big chopped)

There's a long, long, looong history between me and my hair. We've been friends and we've been enemies, and for the last few months we've been distinctly at odds, but now we are one.

I cut my hair. I did what black women slowly growing out a relaxer describe as a 'big chop'- I cut off the remaining relaxed ends and now all of the hair on my head is 17 months old. Amaze right? Tots Amaze.

Now I didn't chop down to half a centimeter or anything, 'cuz I'm definitely not that bold.

But I ended my transition and am now sporting the long dreaded short fro.

I hated the thought of wearing a fro a year ago.

That was when I was convinced that my hair would form perfect round 2.5 centimeter spirals all over my head.

I was wrong.

My hair forms perfect, round, .5 centimeter spirals all over my head.

Am I disappointed? A little.

But do I love it?

You bet yur arse.

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