09 March 2013

Mini Make-up Travel Bag

My very first Mac collection. How I love thee.

Okay, so I know everyone has those days when the thought of having to put on a full face of make-up just makes you go uggggghhhhhhhh no. But have you ever run into those moments when you need to look a bit snazzier and lo and behold, you are not wearing make-up?

Example:  you run to the shops enjoying the feel of the breeze on your happily make-up free face and then suddenly, out of no where, your so-called best mate is like, 'heya! let's go for lunch! I'm gonna bring guy-you-like and his friends and it'll be so fun!" 


Or, you skip merrily to your local cafe/canteen/place that does food and as you near the till, you realise super hawt guy is working today, and you are not facially prepared because you didn't have time to do your usual make-up routine. He picks this day of all days to strike up witty banter. 


Worse still, you decide to meet friend A for lunch. She turns up with friends B, C, and D. You don't really like friend C that much but you hang out with her anyway. You don't know D at all. You aren't wearing any make-up. They all look freakishly beautiful and snazzy. You are annoyed. 


Right, so how do you prevent the above scenarios (all of which may have happened to me *cough*)? 

By carrying the mini make-up travel bag! A quick dash to the loo and all your "I'm not wearing make-up" related problems are solved. 

Here's what I keep in mine: 
Click the pic for a larger image!

All items are mini-sized for convenience and fit neatly in this little bag: 

With everything I need for a quickly snazzied up look safely tucked away in my handbag, I now only have to worry about sticking my big fat foot in it. :) 

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