05 April 2013

Life Updates #2: Stress and Stuff

Lately I haven't been doing much with my face- no make-up, no nothing.

I've been on holiday, so I thought I'd give my skin a break. The other day, I was doing something in the bathroom (you know how you just end up in there, fussing with the vanity etc. etc?) and I noticed lines on my head.

It was the light.

My bathroom is dark.

Or too bright for that matter.

It was the angle.

It doesn't really matter though, because they were there. I'm 22 years old, and I noticed the lines on my forehead for the first time.

Not from angry frown-y faces; these lines run horizontally just above my eyebrows, which is what caused them: worry.

When I worry, I apparently make a 'pleading' sort of expression, with my eyebrows up and my mouth compressed (I spent five more minutes in the bathroom for no reason, figuring this out).

The lines are there because I've been extremely worried lately, and to make matters worse,  I hadn't even realised. I thought I'd been fine.

So how do you come back from stressing too much (and by extension, make those wretched lines go away)?
Listening to Frank helps. 

One thing has worked for me: rest.

I don't mean sleeping either, I mean the kind or rest where you do what you have to do, and then as you feel yourself starting to get tired, or ache, or get hungry or cold, you stop.

That's it.

You just stop, and find something else to do- and here's the kicker- it has to be something that you enjoy doing.
Watching anything with him in it is something I enjoy :)  

You don't stop and do more work.

Please note, this isn't a cure all, and I'm certainly not a doctor, but I know how bad anxiety can be, and I've found that giving myself a proper rest when things start to freak me out is extremely helpful.

The downside is, I had to be on holiday to do it.

The upside is, I feel better about life in general.


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