21 May 2013

Is now Tumbling...

I'm feeling a bit sheepish: when I started this blog I promised that I'd faithfully keep it updated every day.  That has clearly not been the case.

It's been nearly a month- A MONTH- since my last post.

To be fair, I've been super busy.

School's been a nightmare!

I've been reading so much :(

My hair's been frizzy :( :(

It's been raining D:


So anyway, as if to make myself even more guilty, I wound up starting a tumblr. Don't get me wrong! It'll never replace HM and blah blah blah

I think I'm just a social media WAG.

Can't stop myself- I just keep getting on.


So this is it: it's full of pictures (some of them are of me) and quotes and stuff. It's not like blogger though. It's not an actual, like, blog or anything. It's more like a photo-album, a snapshot of snapshots of things I like. Like Instagram, only bigger.

You may recognize some of the pictures.

Have a look and see.

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