25 July 2013

Viva Jamaica!

I'm back! At last, with an update for HM!

And boy what a good one it is: I can still feel the breeze coming off the waves after my very first trip to Jamaica.

It was amazing, beautiful, rich, lush, and glorious. I feel so very lucky. To make the best time even better, I got to wear my entire summer wardrobe - a thing I had forgotten thanks to the rather unpleasant weather we'd been having in London- up until I left of course.

Anyway, I'm a nice chocolatey toasty brown courtesy of my new tan, sporting rope twists courtesy of a little round Jamaican lady and just under five hours in her care, and feeling ready for just about anything.

Fuzzeh! But it's me anyway. 

Which is good really, because the 'anything' that I feel ready for is threefold: moving house, getting a full-time job, and figuring out what to do if the latter is not going to turn up for another four months. Being a recent graduate is tough these days, and being one fresh off the best holiday ever is even tougher. I've been lured into a false sense of security.

Still, I saw what life is like outside of the welfare state, because there's no handy benefits in Jamaica. People get by any way that they can, and the word 'struggle' just doesn't seem to do it justice. It left me feeling a complicated mixture of guilt, remorse, and determination.

If they can work hard then so can I. I've had my rest, and it was a good one, and now I'm ready to get back to work.

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