25 August 2013

Meatless Monday?

I haven't been enjoying cooking lately. In fact, with all the stress of writing my last essay, starting my new job, and finding a flat, food has just become this nuisance to be dealt with as quickly as possible.


I love to eat, and I miss enjoying the whole process of cooking and eating, so to spice up my food-life, I've been trying to find some recipes to have a go at. I was watching Jaime Oliver today (I know. Don't say it.) and it took nearly the whole segment before I realised that he was doing a meatless dish.

Quick tangent: I'm a true omnivore, I relish trying to get the perfect balance between meat and side, and get fairly annoyed when either one is too much or too little.

Back to the topic.

It got me thinking: should I try having a meatless monday? Normally I'd scoff at the thought, I like my meat! But I like a creative challenge even more. What would I make on meatless day? And how would I make sure my belly's full? The more I think about it, the more I wonder if it isn't worth having a go.

During Lent last year, I decided to observe the 'No meat on Friday' rule. It was fun actually, when I managed not to forget (I'm not religious. It was all a bit of a whim). And that's where I got that lovely (tasty!) picture of my seafood pasta. I made up that recipe in desperation one night and it was actually really good, so the idea of going meat-less every week again isn't so farfetched really.

I think I'm going to try it. All these changes in my life make me want to start almost everything afresh. It's time for change! So meatless Monday's will start from next week- I'm going to need a new section on HM for whatever I come up with :D

11 August 2013

Dating Hell: Episode 1


I am, as I've specified already, a 20-something singleton living in London. This essentially means that I am in what I like to think of as "Dating Hell". The time between "Met Someone" and "With Someone", also known as the space before "Significant Other".

What it's significant for is being shite.
Eff this ish. 

I have, as it were, "met someone", but in the process of getting to the 'with' part, I've been bruising my shins on all the idiot stumbling blocks along the way.

We'll call him, Zebra.

Zebra and I met during a non-mutual night out- which is probably why there's so many issues already. We are trying to plan our very first meet up since that fateful weekend night, and he keeps suggesting the event take place at his house.

Now for a number of reasons, I haven't already run screaming into the distance, but I'm really starting to get uncomfortably close to the "You know what, I just don't damn-well think so" point. I'm not against going to a guy's house, but I like to know the guy.

Otherwise, he might as well pay me for services rendered.

You may find that somewhat harsh considering we've at least met before now, but I just don't do the whole "I'll get to know you round at mine" thing. Or rather, I know what it can imply. And while I don't know Zebra, I damn sure remember Trout. And we're not doing that again.

Some things are just not a Status

What is Facebook for?

For me, it's like my address book for keeping up with all the people spread across all the states, and all the countries that are friends and family I couldn't reach any other way. It's not for bereavement. 

Like probably everyone, I've lost people I love. I've felt the need to talk to someone- anyone, to help me deal with grief, and I've scribbled out my feelings on tear-stained scraps of paper that still make me cry when I occasionally come across them. 

I haven't posted on Facebook. 

It's not for me to tell others how to handle their suffering. It's none of my business if it makes you feel better- in fact, if it helps you cope, then DO IT. 

I - personally- because this is my damn blog- can't do that, and won't do that. To me, that's not what Facebook is for, because I feel like Facebook is secretly making an arse of me. 

And that's fine- I'm okay with it. I get on there and FB-stalk people, "Like" cat GIFs, and post pictures from my holiday and cryptic statuses that passive-agressively handle my internet biz-naz, and that's all good. No big deal, but when I want to share my grief, it's not something for people to hit the 'Like' button on. It's not a Like moment, and I'm not going to Like your status mourning your loved one. 

I just can't. 

We all handle grief differently. That's okay. Some people use Facebook for different things, and different reasons, and have different feelings about it than I do- that's okay too. 

This is just how I feel. Maybe I'm old school, but when I'm dealing with feelings like that, with emotions that big and unwieldy, I'm going to put pen to paper. I'm going to cry all over it and screw it up and anger because it doesn't do it justice. Then I'm going to hide it away where only I will ever find it again, and read it sometimes to remind me to hold tight to the ones that are here now, and hang on to the memories when they're not. 

But that's just me. Thoughts?

06 August 2013

Vengeful Shopping

I am missing the Matalan sale!

I mean I can't even- I just don't want to- *sigh.*

This is the time of year I'd usually spend rolling around in a pile of clothes in Primark, Top Shop, Matalan and River Island: the end of summer sale is on. Let's not kid ourselves, we all know summer is already technically over and the current sunshine is just window dressing, the air's already got the sharp tang of ice and rain in it. Classical hallmarks of a typically British August.

The sales at this time of year are pretty spectacular too- particularly in River Island and Matalan. Fury does not begin to cover it when I think about how this interim jobless period is punishing me.

If I scurry down to the job centre, I might be able to find work just in time to catch the tail end of the sale-a-thon, but the shopping loses it's charm when I consider that all the best deals have essentially, already gone.

I hope you snagged them.

Until next time,

03 August 2013

*Squeal* Jay Park! *Squeal*

I  know. I'm so late.

Maybe it's because I don't live in LA, but I feel like I miss out on all the best things to do with people who are not categorically the same damn thing I've been watching on the telly for ages.

In the spirit of celebrating the fact that I have managed through dint of Facebook (it really wasn't that hard) to find him, I'm going to go ahead and make Jay Park August's Person I love. This is kind of big, because August is my birthday month, and holds a special place in my heart.

I love a boy in tattoos


So much hawtness.