11 August 2013

Dating Hell: Episode 1


I am, as I've specified already, a 20-something singleton living in London. This essentially means that I am in what I like to think of as "Dating Hell". The time between "Met Someone" and "With Someone", also known as the space before "Significant Other".

What it's significant for is being shite.
Eff this ish. 

I have, as it were, "met someone", but in the process of getting to the 'with' part, I've been bruising my shins on all the idiot stumbling blocks along the way.

We'll call him, Zebra.

Zebra and I met during a non-mutual night out- which is probably why there's so many issues already. We are trying to plan our very first meet up since that fateful weekend night, and he keeps suggesting the event take place at his house.

Now for a number of reasons, I haven't already run screaming into the distance, but I'm really starting to get uncomfortably close to the "You know what, I just don't damn-well think so" point. I'm not against going to a guy's house, but I like to know the guy.

Otherwise, he might as well pay me for services rendered.

You may find that somewhat harsh considering we've at least met before now, but I just don't do the whole "I'll get to know you round at mine" thing. Or rather, I know what it can imply. And while I don't know Zebra, I damn sure remember Trout. And we're not doing that again.


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