25 August 2013

Meatless Monday?

I haven't been enjoying cooking lately. In fact, with all the stress of writing my last essay, starting my new job, and finding a flat, food has just become this nuisance to be dealt with as quickly as possible.


I love to eat, and I miss enjoying the whole process of cooking and eating, so to spice up my food-life, I've been trying to find some recipes to have a go at. I was watching Jaime Oliver today (I know. Don't say it.) and it took nearly the whole segment before I realised that he was doing a meatless dish.

Quick tangent: I'm a true omnivore, I relish trying to get the perfect balance between meat and side, and get fairly annoyed when either one is too much or too little.

Back to the topic.

It got me thinking: should I try having a meatless monday? Normally I'd scoff at the thought, I like my meat! But I like a creative challenge even more. What would I make on meatless day? And how would I make sure my belly's full? The more I think about it, the more I wonder if it isn't worth having a go.

During Lent last year, I decided to observe the 'No meat on Friday' rule. It was fun actually, when I managed not to forget (I'm not religious. It was all a bit of a whim). And that's where I got that lovely (tasty!) picture of my seafood pasta. I made up that recipe in desperation one night and it was actually really good, so the idea of going meat-less every week again isn't so farfetched really.

I think I'm going to try it. All these changes in my life make me want to start almost everything afresh. It's time for change! So meatless Monday's will start from next week- I'm going to need a new section on HM for whatever I come up with :D

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