06 August 2013

Vengeful Shopping

I am missing the Matalan sale!

I mean I can't even- I just don't want to- *sigh.*

This is the time of year I'd usually spend rolling around in a pile of clothes in Primark, Top Shop, Matalan and River Island: the end of summer sale is on. Let's not kid ourselves, we all know summer is already technically over and the current sunshine is just window dressing, the air's already got the sharp tang of ice and rain in it. Classical hallmarks of a typically British August.

The sales at this time of year are pretty spectacular too- particularly in River Island and Matalan. Fury does not begin to cover it when I think about how this interim jobless period is punishing me.

If I scurry down to the job centre, I might be able to find work just in time to catch the tail end of the sale-a-thon, but the shopping loses it's charm when I consider that all the best deals have essentially, already gone.

I hope you snagged them.

Until next time,

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