11 January 2014

Dating Hell: Episode 2

And so it begins again.

Let's call him Porcupine.

He's not my type.

To be fair though, I've dated a fair bit of the animal kingdom regardless of genus or species. I'm not even sure if I *have* a type. But I know this: he's not it.

I don't *get* Porcupine.

You may have been tipped off by all the stars in this post that this whole things strikes me as pretty ironic. Before meeting my spiky friend, I said things like "I like guys who are intense",  and my personal favourite:  "Most guys just aren't serious, they take everything as a joke and it's so annoying!"


What the heck did I know about 'serious' or 'intense'? After meeting Porcupine, I can safely say that I've been educated.

It is not- definitely not- not at all - not going to happen. Don't get me wrong, he's sweet - in the same way that his namesake is sweet until it spikes your face full of pointy sharp things:

Poor, poor baby!
I just don't see us working out. As the great poets have said, life is full of pain. No need to go looking for it.

03 January 2014

These are Not New Year's Resolutions (Better Late than Never)

It's been a long 2013 - but 2014 is still shiny and new, and squeaks when you touch it. It also feels a bit space-aged for me, what with the whole 'we don't actually use the flying cars' thing going on.

I stopped making new year's resolutions last year. I never kept them, mostly because it was mostly a bit of self flagellation in which I drafted a list of ways in which I "needed to change and be more confident and become a better person" i.e., super nebulous and utterly useless.

Sometimes what you need to fix isn't you, it's your hair. Or your make-up. Or the way you see yourself in the damn mirror to begin with.

So here they are: the Not resolutions for 2014:

1. Be good. (and slightly less cryptic.)
2. Grow my hair to my hips (or nearly).
3. Give guys a chance! (Hah! Peace is easier.)
4. Get back on the Blogwagon
5. Make more videos (you want to see them right? Who cares. I wanna make 'em.)
6. Wear more of my jewelry
7. Eat better. Eat well. Cook more.
8. Organisation!
10. Do that thing I always wanted to do.
11. Study a language
12. Travel

This is my list.

What does yours look like?
Happy 2014 :)