11 January 2014

Dating Hell: Episode 2

And so it begins again.

Let's call him Porcupine.

He's not my type.

To be fair though, I've dated a fair bit of the animal kingdom regardless of genus or species. I'm not even sure if I *have* a type. But I know this: he's not it.

I don't *get* Porcupine.

You may have been tipped off by all the stars in this post that this whole things strikes me as pretty ironic. Before meeting my spiky friend, I said things like "I like guys who are intense",  and my personal favourite:  "Most guys just aren't serious, they take everything as a joke and it's so annoying!"


What the heck did I know about 'serious' or 'intense'? After meeting Porcupine, I can safely say that I've been educated.

It is not- definitely not- not at all - not going to happen. Don't get me wrong, he's sweet - in the same way that his namesake is sweet until it spikes your face full of pointy sharp things:

Poor, poor baby!
I just don't see us working out. As the great poets have said, life is full of pain. No need to go looking for it.

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