22 May 2014


I don't usually like subscriptions, but I've got two now that I don't want to let go of: my Netflix account, and Graze.

The latter is really uncharacteristic for me: I'm not really a snack person. I like a meal when I'm hungry, full-stop. However, since starting at my new job, I've found that I need to put something - anything- in my mouth at certain points during the day. A lot of the time I'm not even hungry, I just want food to be there, waiting, for me to put in my face.

I have no idea what's happening to me.

As one of those insufferable bastards who pride themselves on a naturally healthy diet: i.e., didn't even have to try, grew up eating all the right things (do you detect a hint of smugness?), and absolutely love fruits and veggies and all that wonderful, healthy stuff, I am seriously bothered by my increasing desire for decidedly more unhealthy foodstuffs between mealtimes.

At home, my snacking consists of whole punnets of different fruits. Not so at work. It's hard to smuggle in a whole fresh-fruit stand for your personal use: there's just no where to put it.

So enter my saviour: the graze box. I can pat myself on the back until I bring up a smug little grin of satisfaction. 

It's got snacks in.

Fruit-related ones.

And the odd cake.

Which is perfect for a massive snack-monster like myself apparently. But in all honestly, the graze box is pretty tasty (no they didn't pay me to write this, but here's hoping there might be some free snackage in it for me one day? HINT HINT.)

It's all part of my super plan, aptly named: Eat smart, not shi- well you know.

With any luck, it will stop me acquiring a permanent ban from the snack aisle at Tescos, and as an additional bonus, the size of the four tiny packets is prohibitive enough that in order to stave off some serious 'Ate it all yesterday' regret, one must actually curb one's desire to massacre the lot in one sitting. Thus, my newly developed habit will hopefully, become a thing of the past.

Gotta say yes to that.

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