03 January 2014

These are Not New Year's Resolutions (Better Late than Never)

It's been a long 2013 - but 2014 is still shiny and new, and squeaks when you touch it. It also feels a bit space-aged for me, what with the whole 'we don't actually use the flying cars' thing going on.

I stopped making new year's resolutions last year. I never kept them, mostly because it was mostly a bit of self flagellation in which I drafted a list of ways in which I "needed to change and be more confident and become a better person" i.e., super nebulous and utterly useless.

Sometimes what you need to fix isn't you, it's your hair. Or your make-up. Or the way you see yourself in the damn mirror to begin with.

So here they are: the Not resolutions for 2014:

1. Be good. (and slightly less cryptic.)
2. Grow my hair to my hips (or nearly).
3. Give guys a chance! (Hah! Peace is easier.)
4. Get back on the Blogwagon
5. Make more videos (you want to see them right? Who cares. I wanna make 'em.)
6. Wear more of my jewelry
7. Eat better. Eat well. Cook more.
8. Organisation!
10. Do that thing I always wanted to do.
11. Study a language
12. Travel

This is my list.

What does yours look like?
Happy 2014 :) 

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