12 February 2014


I've always enjoyed my dreams - when I have them. My brain knows what I like after all, and I usually remember them the next day in some detail (although sometimes I only remember the feelings...).

I think last night's dream was a good example though. I was taking a small (faceless) crew of people into outer space in a bubble that I made float with sheer willpower. 

There were demons at certain altitudes which we judiciously avoided, and I remember flying us out over the ocean to build up the speed to launch and dodging the sharks below us that we're leaping out towards us like breaching salmon (really really big salmon with massive teeth).

 It was weirdly beautiful. I saw the sunlight on the water, the rushing of the waves, and the atmosphere was a multicolored forcefield that we burst though as we launched into space.  

The night before I dreamed that I'd gotten my nose pierced. I wore a rather cute blue stud in it. Ace. 

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