01 April 2014

A Moment - Please

I am always afraid of what I might get used to.

I've only just realised that after months or even years of carefully avoiding something that really isn't all that bad, and finally caving in, the thing that stopped me in the first place was my fear that I'd eventually get used to it.

I wonder how many other things in life I refuse to take part in because I'm worried that having once tried something, I will never stop needing it?

Tonight's particular pleasure is something so utterly mundane, that it really surprises me that I've put up with the intolerable for so long instead: earplugs.

These lovely french ones in fact:
Quies, sleep aid, earplugs

Foolishness no?

I could've spared myself a significant amount of exhaustion over the last 6 months  if I'd just purchased some (the creaking of the floorboards overhead whenever someone walks by at 6am is absolutely deafening. Urgh. I get tired just thinking about it). But I was terrified that once I started using them, I'd either a) find them uncomfortable (so what, exactly, is wrong with that?)  or b) get used to them and be unable to sleep without them for the forseeable future.

Sometimes, I think the little girl in me is the one doing all the thinking. I literally feel like I have to explain to myself very carefully that it's going to be fine, and if I don't like them, I don't have to wear them. Good grief.


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