09 June 2014

Job Hunting: The rejection of the masses

Why must it always end in tears and bread?

Yeah. This is pretty much how I feel right now.

And this is what I'm doing about it.

05 June 2014

The DRAKE post

You knew it was coming.

Why am I so obsessed with Drake?

Why does half the female population of the universe ask itself that question?

And then I put on 'Take Care' and my normally tough, insatiably inquisitive nature becomes all gooey and dreamy and romantic.

Yeah, well there you go.

His music is so different... I don't know, it's just...

Whatever. Just listen.

04 June 2014

Dating Hell Episode 3

Aaaaand one more time now.

I'm giving the online dating thing a whirl (again) more seriously this time around. And I've joined a site I'd heard about but hadn't really considered. Let's call it the Rare Animal Zoo.

RAZ for short.

This one might need some explaining. You see, thanks to my disillusionment with Fish, Zebras, and Porcupines, I've realised that the type of boy-animal I'm really looking for is most likely endangered due to habitat loss. The encroachment of the 'Laddius Maximus' and 'Creepus Doofus'  have essentially driven him into hiding.

So I've gone to the RAZ - originally I mistook it for just another London Zoo, and I think it probably is on the down low, but I was really surprised, there are some pretty interesting guys on there, and I'm actually starting to enjoy checking my messages...

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! 

I should probably make it clear (if it isn't already obvious due to the amount of time between these posts) that I'm not a serial dating type. I'm no poacher, and I'm not a fussy fur lover either. I'm just a fairly specific kind of girl-animal, vaguely wanting a boy-animal of a similar species.

Normal enough right?

We shall see, but all the signs are looking good so far. I've got a date on Thursday.