09 February 2015

On being PC

Is it so hard? I wonder at the people constantly ranting about how everything is so 'PC' now and the 'PC' brigade,  and I would like to address these two things.

First, why is it difficult to be politically correct? To simply not use someone's colour as an explanation of their character, to simply respect how people want to be called? To not use their appearance or beliefs as a source of amusement or humour and to just respect them as the originators of their cultural traditions? None of this even requires any thought: it's as simple as meeting a Hindu, or a Nigerian, asking a few polite questions and following up any lingering curiosity with ten minutes of honest research. Then apply that knowledge with the understanding that everyone is different and leave it at that. What is so hard?

Next, the PC brigade. The so called enforcers of politically correct speech and attitudes who infringe upon the 'rights' of the dominant population to be as racist, intolerant, and abusive as they like. Uh huh. The simple fact are these:

A. You are the ones who must police your population because you are largely incapable of doing the above on your own. (See previous section on the ease of actually being PC) 

B. Why on earth should you be allowed to abuse other races when you became dominant by subjugating them in the first place? Is that not enough for you?

C. Not everything offends everyone. This is  a given - but if it offends me, I reserve the right to let you know. We all have that right. Use your discretion to work out whether it's a minor thing, or a major one. Maybe follow up with that research I mentioned. Then discuss. The N-word? HUGELY offensive to me. Pork? Not so much. But I respect the right of others to be offended by the latter and not the former. So long as they don't use the former in relation to me. Done and dusted.

This subject has been on my mind so much lately, as I keep hearing things like 'Ugh, [insert minority race, religion, orientation] wants everything! Now we can't say [insert slur/micro-aggression/random ridiculous thing] in case we offend them! No fair!

And you know what? You're right. It isn't fair. It isn't fair that you feel like you have the right as the dominant group to be offensive. It isn't fair that you occasionally flag up stupid things as being 'offensive to X minority' as a way to deflect from things that are much more trying and much more worrisome for us. It isn't fair, and you're the only ones who can fix it. Again, and as always. How much does that suck?

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