02 February 2015

Why haven't you posted?

By jingo, I have no idea.

It's been a very busy few months - is that an excuse? It's the one I pick up the most often for why one person or another has utterly failed to do XYZ thing they were scheduled/supposed/required/forced/talked into. Have I some how become one of those people who lives by excuses like 'I'm so sorry, I'm just really busy right now" as though the other party isn't, couldn't be, and has no idea what the words mean?

On a lighter note, now that the excuses are out of the way, it is my first post of the new year! Traditionally I like to do my New Year's resolutions... except... I haven't got any just at the moment.

I suppose you might say I have just one for the whole year this year, and that would be 'What do you want? Now what do you need?'

It's not a resolution as such, but it's my theme for 2015: what I want, versus what I need, and how to manage the expectations of one, to make way for the contentment brought on by the other.

Happy (much belated) 2015 everyone!

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