Wat? (Navigating Horrid Milk)

 I use my tags very specifically on Horrid Milk, (because I'm a pedant) and I thought I'd give you a quick rundown of how my brain works on this (because I'm pedant).


Teli's World: Not that you really come here to read about me per say, but when I feel like I'm thinking about something that could actually be of interest to someone - anyone- else (and this is rare mark you), I'll post it with that tag.

Style: Mostly how to's when it comes to fashion and accessories, for example, how I wear X, or little things you can do to Y.

People I Love: Just what it sounds like! Any and everyone from the lady in the cafe, to celebrities, to fellow bloggers that I really like, follow or have a particular interest in.

Hauls: I love to shop, and when I actually buy more than one thing at a time, I'll attempt to get my act together and photograph it. It'll go under this tag.

On My Mind: Where I get all controversial. Basically, the things that stick, niggle, annoy, or enrage me to varying degrees. This is the serious box. Don't tick it if you don't care.

DIY: Self explanatory! I'm still going to explain it though! My Do-it-Yourself section. I don't have many of these, because I don't always have time to figure out how to make something rather than just go buy it, but I love crafting, and I'm always buying silly little bits of things (like ribbons and buttons and bits of lace) to stick on other things. Sometimes they stay stuck on.

Hair: Also pretty obvious. I've just transitioned from relaxed to natural hair (17 months- woop woop!) so from time to time, I do a post on what I'm using, styles I like, and how my hair is doing. I don't want HM to be a hair blog though, there's enough of those out there, so the hair posts are going to be sporadic. If you came here for that, then hopefully there will be other things that tickle your fancy!

Youtube: I've just launched my very first YT channel focused on natural hair care, and that's where all the hair-related stuff will be. Occasionally, I'll do a post on a video I've made, or include a link here on HM. Shameless self promotion. I know. You can watch my latest videos by checking out my little video bar on the right side of the page.

Make-Up: I like make-up. I wear it a lot, and I wasn't very good at it when I first started. I'll post my reviews on different products, and various tips and tricks with this tag.

Budget Beauty Quick Tips: These are the BBQTs. I don't post them often, mostly because I work hard to post things that aren't everywhere already. They're the little tips and tricks I've learned during 5 years of being a university student of varying degree levels and brokeness (it seems to be the inverse of degree level and financial stability, i.e, I get a better degree, I have even less damn money.) and earning mostly below a living wage. Ugh. But they work, because if they didn't, I'd have to spend money I ain't got.

Essentially, you could navigate the blog solely by tags that interest you, but I hope you'll check out HM in its entirety because I think it works best together, although I may be slightly biased.


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