About Me

Hi guys!

I'm Teli, which is a nickname for Tel, which is a nickname for my actual name.

I'm 22, near-sighted (I wear contacts), and a champion snacker and eater of things. I also like clothes, and shoes, and just stuff in general.

I'm a Londoner (inside, outside, and upside down baby!), but I've lived all over the place - including the good ol' US of A! You'll have to pardon me if the odd American spelling sneaks in every now and again.

So why a blog, and why the name?

I started Horrid Milk when I started Uni because I was angry and bored. The combination of the two led to the name:

Horrid is a word that I like, it's so dramatic that you can't really take it seriously: dog mess is Horrid. So is cheap vanilla aftershave. So is a lemon-yellow jumper with purple track bottoms.

 'Milk' was the very first word I ever learned how to spell. Words are a big deal to me, so naturally I remember the first one that I discovered was made of letters.

Thus, you have Horrid Milk. Which I hope is as fun to read as it is to write, because I seriously have a good time with this thing.


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